Booooooooo! Burghfield Pumpkin Trail 2021!!!

Welcome to Burghfield Common Pumpkin Trail 2021. This year we've been kindly sponsored by Davis Tate. Looking forward to seeing all your amazingly spooky creations - can't wait!
1. Please follow us on Facebook at Burghfield Common Pumpkin Trail

2. Have a think about what you want to create this year - do you want to carve a pumpkin? Or perhaps create a Halloween silhouette window or decorate the outside of your house  ?

3. Have a think about posting a poster in your window to show you're taking part and encourage your friends to do so. Pick up posters from Davis Tate on Reading Road, or message the FB page for the address on Clay Hill Road to pick up from.

4. When you've decided what you're creating - post a picture using our submission form (don't forget to include your address in the comments section), or post it on our facebook page and PM your address.

5. We will create a monstrous map of Burghfield Common with all of your howlingly great creations for you to enjoy on Halloween....

6. Feel free to pop into Davis Tate on the Reading Road for some sweets as a well deserved pat on the back for taking part.

7. Download your map from here or the Facebook page and enjoy your spooky tour on Halloween!


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